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Personal Stuff

Here are artifacts of my past and present—and a few of my dreams for the future. There's stuff here about family, social justice, the "causes" I support, what I do for fun, my relationship with money, my hobbies, and other odds and ends.

Some of the pictures in my photo album go back more than a century, and some may be as recent as last month.

to Sexuality Stuff

Sexuality Stuff

No, nothing here about my personal sex life or anyone else's. I touch on the founding of Good Vibrations and Down There Press, the books I've written and edited, and the videotapes and other work I've done in the area of sexuality education.

to CoHousing

Cohousing Stuff

Look here for information on my involvement in the national cohousing movement, plus pictures of my current cohousing community, as it was being built, and from the years I've lived here.

My Books and Videos

Take a look at the nine books I wrote or edited, and
the two videos I produced.


My Links

Annotated links to people, websites and resources
related to all my areas of interest.

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Contact Me

Contact me by email, snail mail or fax with your questions, your suggestions for my site, or just to say hi if you are a long-lost friend or acquaintance or would like to become a new one.

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