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This page has some pictures of my family and myself, old and new.

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My family in 1998 at my nephew Joshua's wedding. From left to right: brother-in-law Stuart, niece by marriage Juliet, nephew Joshua, Dad, me, sister Bobbi (Barbara), and nephew Ethan.
My Family in 1998


My Family in 1990

My Family in 1990. From left to right: Bobbi, Stuart, Dad, Mom, Mark (my ex), and me (with a perm.)

Daddy in '92
Dad in 1992 in front of
the house I grew up in:
51 Winn Street, Belmont, MA.



My mother's family in the 1800s The Finesingers. L to R back: Fromne, Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, Joseph's mother. L to R front: Sol and Anna (my mother.)

My mother in 1924
My mother Anna Doris
Finesinger at age 20.




My Grandma Blank
My Grandma, Byrde Haas Blank, b~1870

My Grandad Blank
My Grandad, Sol H. Blank, b~1865























More Historic Photos

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