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Hi! I'm Joani Blank. I'm a sex educator, volunteer, great-grandmother, and cohousing enthusiast. I founded Good Vibrations, the first sex-positive, woman-friendly adult store in the country, and served on the Board of the Cohousing Association of the United States for 8 years. I'm a Unitarian-Universalist and an active member in my local congregation, the First Unitarian Church of Oakland.

What's New:

My Kids' Books: Thirty years ago I wrote A Kid's First Book About Sex and The Playbook for Kids About Sex, which are exactly what they sound like: books about sex, written for children under the age of eight. Both books are now out of print, but I still want them to be available to the public, and so they're available on my website for free download.

VulvArt: For years I've dreamed of an exhibit of Vulva Art, aka VulvArt, and author of I'll Show You Mine Wrenna Robertson and I were able to make that dream come true! The project has slowed a little as we've both gotten busy, but we're still accepting submissions, and there's an impressive collection of 200+ pieces of artwork to browse.

Not a Blank Book: Not one of my projects per se, but my assistant has started a blog about what it's like working for me. If you want to see cute pictures of my dog or learn about what it is I do all day, then take a look.

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